The Hov Pod SPX is a new generation of safe, high quality, easy to use, strong, durable hovercraft, offering great value for money, in a class of its own, designed for patrol/rescue/survey/commercial/leisure use. Available as a 4-stroke 120HP or 2-stroke 65HP variant & taking up to 4 adults with speeds up to 40mph.

The Hov Pod hovercraft is incredibly versatile and solves many operational issues and problems that affect the use of other vehicles.

As seen on TV programmes worldwide "How it's Made", “World of Wonder” & "How Do They Do That". Selected by Harrods & described by the press as the "Mercedes Benz" of hovercraft & as supplied to many patrol, commercial, port, oil exploration, & survey operators.

The Hov Pod SPX has been specifically designed for all terrain & marine use & to overcome operational issues that plague other craft. The craft has one simple set of controls which can be mastered in minutes & this together with high durability, safety & quality levels incorporated as standard, make the Hov Pod an ideal craft for anyone, be it for patrol, rescue, survey, commercial or leisure use.

All terrain vehicles need to be very strong & take punishment in day to day use over ice, water debris, stones, rocks, rough terrain and bumps and dips in the surface. The Hov Pod SPX is unique as it is the only hovercraft made from HDPE. The weight to strength ratio for TCC HDPE is superior to nearly all other materials, this is why it is used for kayaks and HDPE has also been used to create artificial joints, ice rink puck impact plates & F1 crash barriers.

The new TCC 3-layer composite High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), is lightweight, extremely buoyant, yet far stronger & more impact resistant than brittle glass fibre (GRP) which cracks & breaks on impact. You can hit HDPE with a mallet or jump up & down on it without cracking it, this means the Hov Pod can withstand operational use, impacts, knocks & bumps that destroy other craft.  HDPE is also significantly easier than nearly all materials to modify and adapt to attach mounts and extra equipment.

The Hov Pod skirt material is a unique specially developed weave & fabric combination with anti-rip properties & incredible wear resistance. It means you can operate in greater safety & will not be forever changing or repairing skirts. Individual skirt sections & the unique IAPSS skirt design gives far greater flexibility, continued operational ability & high speed safety.

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HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times

HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times
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