We have been supplying hovercraft for over 10 years now, and have supplied a great number of craft for leisure and hovercraft rental use. Our hovercraft models have evolved in response to customer requests; the options list grows ever longer as customers use the hovercraft for more varied applications.

There are many varied applications for hovercraft:

  • We have supplied hovercraft with GPS mapping software, magnetometers and ground penetrating radar to assist survey companies search for unexploded ordnance, to find oil, and archaeological sites of interest.
  • We have supplied hovercraft for commercial applications, to assist as safety boats during bridge repair and maintenance, for power line and oil pipeline survey and maintenance.
  • We have supplied hovercraft for shell fishing, to allow fishermen to locate baby mussels on mudflats impossible to reach at low tide. 
  • Our hovercraft have been used for mud, sand flooding and ice rescue, our products have rescued stranded kayakers and assisted where boats have run aground. Hovercraft have no propellers to get snagged on underwater obstructions, so can be used in very shallow water areas - as they fly above the surface, they can access areas where fast running water restrict the use of boats. Hovercraft do not suck in water to cool engines, so do not suffer from weed intake, as Jet Skis do.
  • Our hovercraft have been supplied to some of the finest SuperYachts ever built, to allow the owners to get ashore at low tide without getting their feet wet, and to provide entertainment for charter guests.
  • Our hovercraft are becoming increasingly popular for military and coastguard patrol - the affordability, unique durability, low radar signal, and impressive payload capability means that for the price of even a small conventional military hovercraft, 5 Hov Pods could be purchased for the same price, improving patrol capability five-fold.
  • Hovercraft rental companies continue to delight customers who have yet to experience the thrill of floating on air at speed, so hovercraft rentals are proving to be quite lucrative for many companies, their customers get blown away.

Whatever your interest in hovercraft, the Hov Pod is easy to operate and maintain, and uniquely manufactured from High Density Polyethylene so many times stronger than glass fibre. We fit unmodified engines with full engine manufacturer's warranty - we do not up-rate engines. You will find many safety features fitted as standard, not found on other models, such as rear fan guard, find out more, request our free guide.

Please contact us for further information via www.hovpod.com or www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com/

HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times

HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times
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