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The Hov Pod SPX TCC Hovercraft is a new generation of safe, high quality, easy to use, strong, durable hovercraft, very affordable to purchase & offering great value for money. The Hov Pod SPX has one simple set of controls which can be mastered in minutes & this together with high durability, safety & quality levels incorporated as standard mean the Hov Pod is in a class of its own and an ideal craft for anyone; be it for patrol, rescue, survey, commercial or leisure use.

Why Hov Pod is Unique

All hovercraft, especially small hovercraft, are weight dependent vehicles, and most suppliers cut corners to reduce weight at the expense of durability and safety. Many small hovercraft are manufactured from extremely thin glass fibre that shatters on impact, and glass fibre can be difficult to repair.  Many hovercraft manufacturers cut corners on safety - for example, by not fitting a rear fan guard, they can make their hovercraft go faster. Our focus is on safety - we fit a rear guard, to protect passengers and spectators. The Hov Pod SPX has been specifically designed for all-terrain & marine use & to overcome operational issues that plague other craft.


The Hov Pod SPX is designed with safety in mind, compared to other craft it is the class leader made from high quality durable parts & with many features unique to the Hov Pod such as HDPE impact resistant hulls, anti rip skirts, rear guarding, ease of operation, anti plough (most craft dig in at high speed, that then don't have enough power to get going again) & unlike most other craft (which actually will sink if flooded) contain complete integral flooded conditions buoyancy. Some craft even take on water in calm conditions if they are incorrectly balanced.

High Density Polyethylene Hull

The Hov Pod Hovercraft is the only hovercraft currently available manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). All terrain vehicles need to be very strong & take punishment in day to day use over ice, water debris, stones, rocks, rough terrain and bumps and dips in the surface. The new generation Hov Pod incorporates a 3-layer TCC HDPE composite.  The superior weight to strength ratio for TCC HDPE is vastly superior to glass fibre, and is used for kayaks and to create artificial joints, ice rink puck impact plates & F1 crash barriers. This ensures that the Hov Pod is lightweight, extremely buoyant, yet far stronger & more impact resistant than brittle glass fibre (GRP) which cracks & breaks on impact. You can hit HDPE with a mallet or jump up & down on it without cracking it, which means that the Hov Pod can withstand operational use, impacts, knocks & bumps that destroy other craft. HDPE is also significantly easier than nearly all materials to modify and adapt to attach mounts and extra equipment.

World Leading Brand

As seen on TV programs worldwide "How it's Made", "World of Wonder" & "How Do They Do That". Selected by Harrods & described by the press as the "Mercedes Benz" of hovercraft & as supplied amongst others to the Australian EPA, the Hong Kong Harbour Patrol, Red Cross, United Nations, Argentinean Coastguard & many rescue, patrol, commercial, port, oil exploration, & survey operators. Many SuperYacht owners have selected the Hov Pod to entertain their guests.

Hov Pod Skirt System

The Hov Pod skirt material is a unique specially developed polyurethane / nylon weave & fabric combination with anti-rip properties & incredible wear resistance. It means you can operate in greater safety & will not be forever changing or repairing skirts. Individual skirt sections & the unique anti-plough IAPSS skirt design gives far greater flexibility, continued operational ability & high speed safety.

Engines available

Offered in a range of engine types to suit different needs, loading & operational requirements & designed as a belt driven single engine design for greater ease of use & engine reliability. The Hov Pod is available as a 4-stroke 120HP or 2-stroke 65HP variant & taking up to 4 adults with speeds up to 40mph. The integrated engine design is a lot easier to use and more so simple to maintain, quieter & lighter than twin engine designs.


The Hov Pod SPX is the perfect all in one craft to take on the role of other vehicles for traditional coastal/inland/border patrol. It is also just about the only vehicle suitable for many areas inaccessible to conventional vehicles & can operate over mud, riverbeds, tidal regions, rapids, shingle beaches, open water, grass, sand, swamps, marshland, weeds, submerged plants, snow, desert, ice, roads, shallow lakes & dried up salt marshes.


Not only is HDPE incredibly durable but is also inherently buoyant as it contains the foam buoyancy in the wall. The Hov Pod SPX is extremely buoyant & will float if swamped with water, whereas glass fibre craft can sink. Fibre glass craft rely on buoyancy chambers so should the hull be punctured &/or air compartments take on water, become ruptured or flooded the craft can sink. HDPE allows us to manufacture hulls at a faster rate to improve delivery times & respond to growing demand. It is also very easy to modify.

Ease of Operation

It is Easy to operate with a minimum of training & anyone can learn to drive it in about 1 hour, it really is simple & designed to make life easy. We spent time to design out the need for confusing extra controls so the Hov Pod is simple, instinctive & easy to drive. This also allows you to train anyone to operate to use it as & when it is necessary to do so - no special training required. We sell direct since the Hov Pod is easy to operate, and maintain.


The Hov Pod SPX is in a class of its own, designed by CAD & made on CAM machines from highly durable materials & processes. This means that components such as the drive parts are made to high levels of accuracy & quality for increased operational durability, safety & reliability. The Hov Pod unlike many other craft is also designed for salt water operation with enclosed quick lift off engine covers & parts such as high specification electrical components & stainless steel fittings to minimise corrosion & increase operational reliability & safety.

Easy to Tow

The Hov Pod SPX custom designed trailer allows a standard car to tow & deploy the craft. The Hov Pod can be deployed very quickly - takes one man 30 seconds to load or unload the craft from the trailer.

Please contact us for further information via www.hovpod.com or www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com/
For further information, please visit www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com/ and www.hovpod.com

HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times

HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times
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