Hovercraft for leisure, commercial, rescue and military applications.

Hov Pod Hovercraft are suitable for leisure, commercial, rescue and military patrol applications. We ship hovercraft to all destinations. Originally we designed and manufactured hovercraft from glass fibre, but switched production in 2006 to HDPE which offers many advantages.

The Hov Pod unique hull is manufactured from strong, durable and extremely buoyant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Our designers focus on designing hovercraft that are easy to drive and safe to use.

Summary of Design Features


We use Computer Aided Design to create the hull and engineering parts, digital files are passed to CNC (Computer Numerical Control) specialists to create parts that have superbly tight tolerances to reduce friction, vibration and wear. 

Power in reserve

Although some manufactures up-rate their engines to extract every last drop of power, doing so can invalidate engine warranties; so we fit higher power engines to provide power in reserve.

When hovercraft start from an on-water position, they create a pressure wave known commonly as The Hump. If a hovercraft lacks top end power, the weight capacity is restricted leaving no room for error – eat too many pies and you might not be able to get home! The Hov Pod can be configured with 65HP Rotax engine to lift 275 Kgs 606 pounds or the 4-stroke 120HP Turbo powered Weber Automotive engine which can lift 325 Kgs or 717 pounds.


Some manufacturers construct hovercraft from very thin glass fire hulls. Some hovercraft lack essential rear fan guards – it is important to have adequate guards front and rear since fan blades rotate at speeds of 2000 rpm or more. We like our customers, and wish that they, their friends, family and bystanders remain safe.  Hov Pods have kill chords, anti-plough skirts, protected wiring, marine grade stainless steel fittings and many other quality features not found on other models.  

3rd Generation Design

Our first glass fibre design was the ACX model, which was very well received and shipped all over the world following its introduction in 2002. The SPX was introduced in 2006 to allow production to keep up with growing demand, manufactured from HDPE. In 2010, we introduced the SPX TCC version, in 2011, the TCC + was introduced for commercial, rescue and military applications. As the Hov Pod has evolved, we have rejected engines that lacked power, quality, international support – continual product improvement requires an aggressive policy to reject parts from suppliers that prove unsuitable; our customers deserve the best value for money.

Contact us for a FREE Hovercraft Guide to explain hovercraft terms, important safety aspects and what to consider when purchasing a hovercraft for personal leisure, commercial, rescue or military applications.

For further information, please visit www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com/ and www.hovpod.com

HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times

HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times
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