Starting a Hovercraft Business

We get a lot of inquiries from individuals and companies interested in the business opportunities available for hovercraft, so have created this guide which we hope to update on a regular basis to keep information current. 

Compared to boats

Hovercraft are not restricted by low tides, or fast running shallow water. There is no propeller to get damaged, hovercraft can therefore be used in swampy areas where roots coral, submerged rocks might damage may damage a propeller. Hovercraft do not damage manatees or sea turtles, they do not emit harmful exhaust gas into the marine environment (boats should be banned!) In rescue situations, floods result in all sorts of unsavory sewerage items to float around the boat, such as sanitary towels, rice sacks etc - these items often get trapped in a propeller and immobilize a boat, necessitating rescuers to get out of the boat to push it through the human waste soup.

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HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times
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