Starting a Hovercraft Business

We get a lot of inquiries from individuals and companies interested in the business opportunities available for hovercraft, so have created this guide which we hope to update on a regular basis to keep information current. 

Business evolution

From 2006, after the introduction of the HDPE hull, more commercial, rescue and military customers took interest in the capabilities of the Hov Pod. HDPE is far stronger than glass fibre and extremely buoyant. Some will argue that boats are made from glass fibre, but it should be noted that boat glass fibre construction is much thicker and heavier than weight dependent hovercraft, and boats do not travel over any flat surface with people on-board - nor do they travel over ice unless the boat is designed to be an ice-breaker. (Our success attracts a lot of copycat artists who think that all they need to do is copy the Hov Pod design and make a glass fibre version - they completely miss the point about the need for a lightweight vehicle with durability, so many copy attempts end in failure - to copy the Hov Pod in HDPE would require substantial tooling cost set up)

For military applications, the Hov Pod SPX TCC + version was introduced at the DSEi Exhibition in London, 2011 with additional hull strength, buoyancy and military cooling systems for use in hot and dusty conditions.

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HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times

HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times
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