Starting a Hovercraft Business

We get a lot of inquiries from individuals and companies interested in the business opportunities available for hovercraft, so have created this guide which we hope to update on a regular basis to keep information current.

Business Opportunities

There are many opportunities available to become involved with hovercraft. As a manufacturer, we see our mission as one of education, to put paid to the myth that hovercraft died out in the 1970’s. It is our job to educate and inform people that hovercraft are available, useful, easy and fun to use, for leisure, commercial, survey, rescue and security patrol applications. We cannot do this in every country, in every language alone, so we seek others to help us spread the word, to dispel myths, to educate, inform, to assist others to experience the hovercraft ride sensation, to consider hovercraft use for leisure and commercial/rescue/patrol applications. To achieve our objectives, we engage with entrepreneurs who share our vision. We do not demand massive set up investment, our representatives can start with just a website, to promote via FaceBook or YouTube, or purchase a single demonstration craft to use for leisure use, as a referrer or dealer. We like rental operators to help us allow others to enjoy the hovercraft ride sensation. This business opportunity can be described as organic, in that from minimum investment of $150, you could grow the opportunity to full dealership and local assembly.

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HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times

HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times
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