Starting a Hovercraft Business

We get a lot of inquiries from individuals and companies interested in the business opportunities available for hovercraft, so have created this guide which we hope to update on a regular basis to keep information current. 


If an existing customer refers another who purchases a Hov Pod, we pay commission. Referrers can request a website which controls the referral process - visitors to the website can request further information, and Hov Pod HQ receive an email generated by an enquiry form on the referral website. The email received has an html cookie which identifies the website and referrer. This system has been in operation for a number of years and we find word of mouth advertising very useful - after all, it is better to ask an existing customer for his/her product experience than a salesman in a suit on a mission. Lots of potential customers would like a demo, so we hope you will sign up to the referral program and help us show and tell the Hov Pod.

Affiliates and Hov Pod Reps help us via the Internet, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and so on - in a similar way, they earn a small commission per sale with no limit to sales revenue.

Brokers focus on military, rescue or commercial market segments, and more directly involved in the sales process.

For a full copy of this Hovercraft Business Guide, please request via

HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times

HDPE Hulls for faster delivery times
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